Please copy and paste the below declaration in your company letter head paper when applying for VAT exemption and email it back to us at: or email us your VAT Exemption Certificate.

VAT Exemption Declaration

I, (full name) (status in organisation i.e. Recruitment Manager)

of (name and address of organisation)

Our registered charity number is:

declare that the above named charity is buying from Job Boards Media Ltd, 6th Floor, 223 Regent Street, London W1B 2QD the following goods or services eligible for relief from VAT under item 8 of Zero Rate Group 15 Advertising Services.

Important Information

There are severe penalties for making a false declaration. If you are in any doubt about the eligibility of the goods or services you are buying, you should seek advice from your local VAT office before sending this declaration.

Section 72.3 of the VAT Act 1994 provides for servere penalties for anyone who makes use of a document which they know to be false for the purposes of obtaining VAT relief.