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The Overlooked Talent helps recruiters manage and measure their organisations' success online. Women represent almost half of the UK workplace and increasingly hold influential positions. However, evidence from a range of studies suggest our labour market is still failing to make the best use of people’s talents. Pay levels for women, while improving, still do not reflect their qualification levels.

In a study released in the Journal of Social Psychology (2010), Stefanie Johnson, finds that beautiful women tend to face discrimination when applying for jobs traditionally dominated by men, where physical appearance is perceived as unimportant. The study was critical of hiring managers who let stereotypes influence their decisions.

There is a requirement for more understanding of global economic trends, the Overlooked Talent like other generic job boards is in a unique position to help improve employers on workplace representation.

The government recently consulted on proposals to encourage a more fair and flexible approach at work and tackle the barriers to equal opportunities. Gordon Brown Former PM said: When more than half of the graduates are women, it is completely unacceptable that some of our top 100 public companies have not a single woman on their boards.

The Overlooked Talent media has the most significant influence and hence represents the strongest agenda in terms of providing information on women in the workplace issues. If you would like more information or are already interested in becoming an Equality & Diversity Champion for 2020 please email sales@overlookedtalent.co.uk